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If I died, what would you do? 

3 deviants said Cry a lot and miss you a lot :cries:
3 deviants said :blackrose:
1 deviant said I would not care I'll just laugh my ass :evillaugh: :x ( :'( apparently your heartless)
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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2014, 10:21 PM

TDI Killer Bass by GearsOfFlorenceI Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmiles:thumb94923187:

Time for bed
until next time
Goodnight and
see you later :sleep:
*Gets his DJ Teddy Bear to sleep with*
:icontdpirodneyplz: :iconsaysplz: Goodnight, Little Brother :kiss: :huggle:
*Tucks him into bed and kisses him goodnight* Good night by viskot

Devin Joseph
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Jake Raines
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Name: Jake Raines
Age: 23
Birthday: May 4th 1991
Sexual Orientation: Gay (Was Straight and had a girlfriend, but had a bad experience in a hetrosexual relationship from 2002-2010)
Relationship status: Mentally married to a cartoon character Married to DJ :icontdidjplz: in Sims 3 (Has kids) married to DJ :icontdidjplz: in RP
Religion: Christian Catholic
Condition-Mild Autism and Asberger's syndrome
Likes: Men, Animals, Nature, Politics, Culture, Porn, Church, God, Money, Technology, Education, Sci-Fi, Anime, Manga, Yaoi, Food, Music, Travel, Health, Romance, Movies, TV, Guys Feet, Cartoons, Outdoors, Style, Hollywood, Entertainment, Total Drama, 6teen, Stoked, Producing Parker, Religion, Sims, GTA, Mysims, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Tomb Raider, Giant Male Feet, Black Guys, Big & Tall Gay Black Guys, my roleplaying friends and family, my best friends family (There twins), my provider, my providers family

Hates: Haters, Racists, Bad People, Bad Friends, Anti-Gays, Anti-TD's, Anti-Animes, Homophobics, Spiders, Murder, Crime, Drugs, Alcohol, SOPA, Communists, Fore-Closures, Bankruptcy, Anti-Yaoi's, Anti-Yuri's, Dream Killers, Bad Manners, Power Outages, Bullying, Child Abuse, Violence, War, Heights, Art theifs, Art stealers, Trolls, Ableism, Ableists, Westboro bapdist church,
Fakes, Fake friends, biological family


Plz account(s) I made

My DA family

:icontdidjplz: My Husband
:iconaimers253: My Nephew
:iconindiechickzoey: Big Sister
:iconlotrwatch: Little Sister
:iconrottennails: Cool cousin
:iconthe-sexy-cubone: Auntie
:iconwyatt6teenplz: Big Brother
:iconseerlover233: Intelligent smart cousin
:iconsailorplutoplz: Mother
:iconkingbowserplz: Father
:iconcoreyriffin: Little Brother
:iconutataneplz: Grandmother
:iconprofessoroakplz: Grandfather
:iconcyborgplz: Awesome cousin
:iconirukaplz: Hard-working cousin
:iconjiraiyawtffaceplz: Uncle
:icontdichefplz: My bestest buddy in the whole wide world
:icontdijoshplz: Chef's Boyfriend
:iconkittenangelic: My Ballerina niece
:iconprincessstarwberry: My shy independent niece
:icontdibrickplz: My military soldier nephew
:iconbialy-bloom: Hard-working Big Sister
:iconbritishsixtiesbeat: Silly and funny cousin
:icontdiduncanplz: Bad Boy, but kind big brother
:icontdilightningplz: My best friend, trainer, and coach
:icongiovanniplz: Rich Uncle
:icontsunadewhatplz: Rich Auntie
:icontdistaciplz: my social butterfly cousin
:icontdisilentbplz: my genius best friend
:icontdisamplz: Lightning's boyfriend
:icontdscottplz: B's boyfriend
:icontddjsmotherplz: Best Mother-in-law and DJ's mother
:iconradspazbro: Stubborn cousin
:icontdileshawnaplz: Victorian addict sister
:iconkabuto--plz: Futuristic geek brother
:iconsolartrees: Forest kimono warrior sister
:icongreg-vs-theworld: Samuri cousin
:icontdiharoldplz: Father-in-law
:icontdialejandroplz: Volunteer agent and best friend
:icontdasjoseplz: Alejandro's older brother
:iconacidnumber17: Tomboy little sister
:icontdijoplz: Andrea's wife
:icontdpirodneyplz: My strong big brother
:iconrpkrystallynntd: Nice Little Pinkette sister
:iconfacilierplz: Voodoo witch doctor uncle
:iconbillyjoecobraplz: Rock star ghost cousin (Type of clue XD)
:iconspencerwrightplz: Film director Cousin and Billy Joe's boyfriend
:iconfamilyguyjeromeplz: My Family Guy Boyfriend (In Family Guy Fandom only)
:iconfamilyguypamplz: My Family Guy Boyfriend's daughter (In Family Guy Fandom only)

:iconxmas45: :iconplusplz: :icontdidjplz: :iconequalsplz: :iconloveredplz:

DJ Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer
I Wanna Be Famous Stamp by ccsmiles
Team DJ by skull1045fox
Team Chef Hatchet by skull1045fox
Chef Hatchet Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer
B Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer
please do not tag me stamp by CadetCutie
Anti-Tags Stamp by Sir-Drago
[Commission] xmas45 by DonArt99
Team B by skull1045fox
I'm still a Human by Lentertament
Stamp: Porn by 8manderz8
The warning stamp. by Rocky-Vermillion
Stamp: Talk About It by RottedStamps
If it exists- by paramoreSUCKS
TDROTI - Lightning stamp by TDIStamps
Team Lightning by skull1045fox
Request: xmas45 by StRachel13
Jake and Chef best buddies by Laura-McLean
Happy birthday Jake by Laura-McLean
For xmas45 by viv2001
:bg: Happy birthday jake by RottenNails
For Jake by The-Sexy-Cubone

aspergers stamp by otakulottie
Before You Ask by jocund-slumber
I support autistic Christians by OnWingsOfBlue
Autism Stamp by callykarishokka
An Effort: Make One. by silvvy
Yaoi Fanboy [Stamp] by Lentertament
DB: OCxCanon 1of3 by DarkJediPrincess
I Run My Own Page Stamp by In-The-Zone
OCxCanon Support Stamp by TrainerKelly
My OC loves a canon character by 0Dreamlight0
I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh
Anti Tag Stamp by Kip0130
DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics
Comments Disabled by LumiResources
Fav Without Commenting by LumiResources
My Total Drama Meme opinion by xmas45
Please... by HarukaWind
I hide comments. And? by HappyPenguin819
Don't better ask what I did here. by Tea-Strawberry
"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-Stamps
Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest
Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo
GA - xmas45 by Britishgirl2012

Stamp: BoyXBoy Shipper. by Catthylove
Stamp: BoyXGirl Shipper. by Catthylove
Stamp: GirlXGirl shipper. by Catthylove
Slash and non-slash by SA948-Stamps
Stamp: Pairing Orientations by Jammerlee
Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1
exciting stamp by Elegant-Rose
RPStamp Roleplay Mature by PharaohQueen
RPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueen
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
Shipping Freedom Stamp by Konata101
Disabled but Hopeful Stamp by MasterKoschei
I Love Writing Stamp by Mirz123
Listening to the Rain by savagebinn
DJake week day 2 by ACIDnumber17
Djake 3 by ACIDnumber17
DJake week day 4 by ACIDnumber17
DJake week day 5 by ACIDnumber17
Messages Stamp by WetWithRain
Feedback Love by Luishi17
Happy Birthday Jake by roit2018
The Sims 3 Addict Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996
Sized by scottxx26
Lightning by BabyKatBoo
For xmas45 by tandstickor
Jake's Birthday Present by Choklitdaddy
point commish: xmas45 by goth-ball
RQ - Cheering Jake up by Britishgirl2012
Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine
Forgetful by prosaix
It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008
Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008
Fave equals applause stamp by dazza1008
Jake's X-mas Present by Choklitdaddy

Request with Bowser Koopa by madstarr12
Lightnam by IndieChickZoey
CGA - A Christmas Hug from a friend by Britishgirl2012
Dake by SykeeKuh
Total Drama Request: DJake by PauNyanOrange
VDGA 2014 - xmas45 by Britishgirl2012
Commission: Hedbanz by FraiseParfait
Commission - Jake Fan Stamp by TheGodOfBlue
Commission for xmas45. by CateArmstrongTD
Xmas45 Commission by 8liana8
commission: in the park by goth-ball
~Commission Xmas45~ by twilight-damsel
DJake by kasden95
Mr Xmas Commission by Trevorific
Me in 6teen by xmas45
Jakes point commision request :3 ~ by PopMuzikGlitterGlen
Commision for Xmas45 by Super-nerdy-girl
Xmas45 Commission by DecaffeinatedGeorgie
POINT COMMISSION-Xmas45 by Bored-to-the-bone
Jake and DJ - Free commission for Xmas45 by Greg-vs-TheWorld
Commish for xmas45 by Sassy-Sammy
Lightning and Sam Ooh Sha-SAM! Commission by evagimxo
Dj Stamp ~Requested by Xmas45~ by ViluVector
PC: Chef and Jake by Elkhat
EGA 2014 - For Everyone by Britishgirl2012
CGA - For Friends by Britishgirl2012
Commission for xmas45 by Copperiona
Scott x B Kissed a Gentleman Commission xmas45 by evagimxo
Commission Xmas45 by loleighta by xmas45
Xmas45 by Violet-Flasher by xmas45
Winter by CrazyGeoff by xmas45
Commission for xmas45 by Myunaaa
TD Breakfast PC by HinataFox790
Chef's Friendly Wave - Commission For Xmas45 by evagimxo
Iruka Umino (commission) by InvaderZec
CM~Chris Mclean by ThePrincessOfChaos
PC: final moments by goth-ball
PC: Kiss by MsLiza
Cyborg by QueenSIGMA-wOLF
HTF PC: Jake and DJ by skull1045fox
DJ Cyborg by AnthemHearts
BGA 2014 - Double May Birthday by Britishgirl2012
Birthday Request for xmas45 by Galactic-Red-Beauty
B-Day Request: Happy Birthday Jake!! by PauNyanOrange
(PC) Cyborg by IcE-FrOsteD
cm sailor Uranus by drajk
Commission for xmas45 by alegonetomorrow
Chef x Josh - Total Drama Commission for xmas45 by evagimxo
OC Request by IHABLE
Commission: Kisses by FraiseParfait
Djake by ACIDnumber17
Garden Party by CamillathePolishGirl
Commission: Flowers by TotalDramaWTF
Blue Roses For You :3 by Galactic-Red-Beauty
A Kiss On The Hand Commission by evagimxo
PC: Jake by kiironekosand
Commission Sierra x Chris McLean No Cameras Please by evagimxo
Commission: Friendship by FraiseParfait
Total Drama X Pokemon - Machamp Lightning by CWACOMBfan1
xmas45 Icon commission by Unbeatablemeghan13
Commision Jake and  Rodney by ACIDnumber17
Stay Strong by rubberzebra
Xmas45 by HeavenKent
Comission by Miss-Fandom-Chan
Dj #12 by ACIDnumber17
RQ: Holding Hands by TheOriginalBeatleBug
Xmas45's commission by PilareAlejandra
xmas45 OC by tjlive5
Jerome x Jake by ronekimew
Toe Huggles by toshiki23
Blocking by black-cat16-stamps
Commission - Outfit Log - xmas45 by cheekennuudlesoup
Bunny Commission for xmas45 by DynamicDeliveries
Commission#1 by Jade-Anne
Commish for jake by goth-ball
ND Request- Jake and Jerome by EfflorescenceOfTruth
Art Commission for xmas45-Jake and DJ by MegaMovieMonday
Commission: Xmas45 by jedijaceon
Xmas Comission by Thatmexicanuzer
nice couple by ojosdegatonegro
Nope i still do not care by SoraJayhawk77
I Don't care if you block me by SoraJayhawk77
Xmas45's Team by TILLTY
Comission DJ in love by sandravaleriameza
COMMISSION: A beatiful Saturday night by WTHappened
It's all ok :) by PauNyanOrange
Rodney Puppet Gift by ronekimew
RQ wait this way by IJustDontGetIt
GA - Kitty meets Sailor Pluto by Britishgirl2012
RQ for xmas45 by Mbandi-slash
Horse Lineart (for xmas45 use only) by Mio-Yoshio
Commish :: Topher and Rodney by Brooklyn-Baby
chef hatchet by exdile
Horse by Phoenix-FireMage
Kiss For xmas45 (commission) by drawitbig
GIANT BLACK MAN! by giantmanstomp
Commission for xmas45 by QueenRockie
PC:nude to the camera by SylphofDream
hug by wycchy
Max and Jake Commission - Mwahahahah!! by evagimxo
Rose by mlpfan740
DJake the Mr. Blizzards by BeekerMaroo777
(request) jake and jerome by noahther
DJake by CiaraTheBlackDragon
Lois as Cinderella by tjlive5
Commission: xmas45 sweet summer memories by IcEsCissORs
Total Drama Commission- FREE-TO-USE InnerPark City by Galactic-Red-Beauty
.:CO:. If Jake was in Xiaolin... by MajesticBlueSkies
For You! (Commission) by QueenRockie
Abrazo amistoso by monse361
PC Good Boy by TheFurryBoy by xmas45
Commission: Xmas45 by FraiseParfait
Commission: Sam and Lightning by TDILife
xmas45's Commission by Jubilee-Helix
requests  jerome and jake by noahther
CGA 2014 - Gifts for all by Britishgirl2012
Commission - Brotherly Hugs by CiaraTheBlackDragon
Movie Night - Xmas45 Commission by evagimxo
Jake and DJ (COMMISSION) by candace23
The Final Battle: Chris vs. Jake by vanity-finatic
Christmas Request 1- Jake and Lightning snowman by LizMarquatTDRP
Xmas45's Commission by emilythetigerneko
Comission #1 : A Giant Tinny Love by TheFurryBoy

My OCs

Nicole Nicole - TD OC Commission (Xmas45) by evagimxo TD Commission: Nicole and Sam (Xmas45) by rubberzebra Point Commission Request - Nicole Selfie by CiaraTheBlackDragon
Eboni-Joy Commission for Xmas45 - Eboni Joy by Greg-vs-TheWorld Request: For Xmas45 by jedijaceon
Hirosama Comm: Hirosama by ManuTDIfan Anne x Hirosama Comission by M0cha-5tuff
Wally Commission for Xmas45 - Wally Evans by Greg-vs-TheWorld PC: Wally and Ella by ronekimew
Yon-Hee Yon Hee Wong-Redone by TheGodOfBlue Rodney and Yon-Hee by MrChillie
Garrison Commission for Xmas45 - Garrison by Greg-vs-TheWorld COM: xmas45 by Creativity-CornerLW
Jefferson Jefferson-request for xmas45 by TutanTurkeyTail kiss by wycchy For Me ? by SylphofDream
Xavier Xmas45 Commission: Xavier by 8liana8 OC Request by IHABLE =Commission- My lady= by Palacewithindreams
Rebecca Mary C: Rebeca Mary by LaTameh Commission Xmas45 by skulletier
Penelope Commish :: Penelope by Lets-Get-Saiko Commission 1 by jdunn135
Blair Commission TD OC redo Blair By Loleighta by xmas45
Felina: Felina by Totaldramadawn1
Yogi .:COMMISH FOR xmas45:. by Brooklyn-Baby
Patrick OC. 4 sale (SOLD) by CherryIcey
Harley Harley OC Commission - for Xmas45 by evagimxo


Hi! :D
Mon Dec 15, 2014, 5:53 AM
Oh Hi there
Wed Nov 26, 2014, 10:30 AM
Tue Nov 25, 2014, 2:47 PM




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